Street lights at night in Jeddah, KSA Greenshine solar lights are used on many roads around the world, contact us for more details and advices from our team of engineers...

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Solar Pathway Lighting for Pathway, Entrance, Bike lane Greenshine designs and manufactures the perfect pathway lights for your specific need. Contact us for photometric calculation, and the most efficient layout for the solar lights...

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Parking Lot Lights, in the Cayaman Islands Ideal solar lighting solution for already-paved parking lots, we will find the solution that fits the best your project, and provide you with lighting calculations...

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Solar Perimeter Light Perimeter and security lights powered by the sun are the ideal solution. No trenching and No wiring required, you will save a lot of money on the installation...

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Solar Signage Lighting, LED outdoor lighting Solar powered solution provided by Greenshine is an efficient way to light-up signs and advertisement billboards that are remotely installed and lack ...

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Solar Park Lighting, modern design LED Outdoor Lights Decorative LED solar lights from Greenshine perfectly fit in parks and opened-space area where aesthetic has to be taken into account...

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  • Lumina-30 Solar Light


    Decorative solar light for residential areas, this light will perfectly blend in parks and HOA...

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  • BRIGHTA-30 Solar Parking Lot Lights, Solar Street Lights


    Our standard Brighta solar lights are mainly used for pathways and parking lots areas. With a simple design...

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  • Integra-5


    With a 5W LED fixture , and all integrated solar panels, batteries and control inside the lamp head, this is most cost cost-efficient solar lamp...

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  • LITA-8 Solar entrance Light With 8W LED Bulb,5 years warranty


    Our lowest wattage LEd light is the perfect fit for isolated location requiring minimum illumination at night...

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Solar Pathway Light With Integrated Battery Box!
This Greenshine proprietary design incorporates the battery box at the base of the pole, featuring a lockable...
Solar Sign Lights installed in Colorado !
Greenshine's solar powered sign lighting solution purchased by the Colorado cities...


Solar outdoor lights make sense

Greenshine New Energy solar light systems are a widely used economic and environmental choice that can increase efficiency in any outdoor lighting system that requires a high amount of lighting at night.

Outdoor lighting is one of the top expenses for a business or a community, and solar LED outdoor lights are the only solution that permanently reduces lighting budgets through monthly savings on utility bills and low installation costs.

Areas that have an established outdoor lighting infrastructure which is going bad can sidestep the cost of repair by installing solar LED fixtures. New building projects can also benefit immensely with solar outdoor lighting because there is no need for trenching, wiring and similar preparations necessary for traditional lighting systems.

Solar parking lot lights are a perfect example of how parking lot lights can have low operation costs, improved security and enhanced visibility. Greenshine New Energy’s parking lot lights use premium LED fixtures, producing an excellent and steady source of light while reducing electrical needs. The LEDs in solar parking lot lights are scientifically proven to be more illuminating than the standard HPS lamps and also have the added effect of dividing the light evenly within an area. Their pleasant, directive white light ensures better visibility and CCTV footages.

Solar outdoor LEDs make a public statement

Businesses that choose to light their parking lot spaces, signage and other outdoor areas through solar panels publicly state their commitment to sustainability. As the society is becoming more environmentally aware, green initiatives make a business more prominent in the market and among customers.

Greenshine New Energy makes it easy for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their bottom line with economically and environmentally superior outdoor lights.

Comprehensive services

Greenshine’s commitment to excellence in product and service quality is reflected in the broad range of offered services that can adapt to every project’s needs. We offer customized solutions that tailor the color, brightness, back-up time, working time, wattage and lumen output to the specific needs of clients’ projects.

Greenshine New Energy can cover any application required by the project – solar street lights, solar parking lot lights, solar pathway lights, solar perimeter lighting, solar signage lighting and many more.

The solutions are arrived at through a careful planning stage, at which Greenshine New Energy performs calculations and advises the customer on the most suitable options. This stage includes decisions regarding the design and performance of the fixtures, as well as their number and on-site distribution.

We also offer on-site installation supervision if the client requests so.

Retrofit engineering is part of our services, if the client wishes to use the existing installations for solar outdoor lighting.

Take advantage of the incentives

A bevy of incentives and financing programs on the state and local level are available for commercial-grade solar outdoor lighting. The Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE), which is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, is the most reliable source of information.

These programs aim to encourage business owners to exploit the versatility and efficiency of solar outdoor lighting and at the same time reduce their impact on the environment. However, it should be noted that some of them have an expiration deadline, so the sooner businesses decide to install solar, the more advantages they will have at their disposal.

Greenshine solar light systems are widely used to increase efficiency in lighting systems for main roads, avenues, main city streets, highways and other constructs that require a high amount of lighting at night. Greenshine’s solar street lights use premium LED light fixtures as lighting sources producing an excellent and steady source of light while reducing electrical needs. LED lighting is proven scientifically to be more illuminating than the standard HPS lamp and also has the added effect of dividing the light evenly within an area. Greenshine has more than ten years of expertise in creating solar powered lighting systems. Our consultants will walk you through the whole process of determining which configuration and products is just right for your individual project needs. Greenshine New Energy creates solar lighting systems that is in accordance with the Buy American Act and is assembled in our location in Irvine, CA. Contact us today for more information.
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