Solar Lighting Benefits to Building Owners

solar led 1A number of building owners and property managers are still unsure about lighting their property through solar energy. Even though outdoor solar lighting is much more economical in the long run, the upfront costs of installation are what makes the owners hesitant about making the investment and waiting for the return. This is especially the case when it comes to outdoor lighting.

All right, if the property already has outdoor lighting installed with an access to the grid, it’s understandable why someone would be reluctant to replace the existing system (even though it would be a wise long-term investment). But, building owners who are in the process of construction should give serious thought to having solar LEDs for parking lot lighting or any other type of outdoor lighting.

Installing grid-connected commercial lighting requires trenching, wiring and a whole lot of other work that is time- and money-consuming. The installation costs of solar LEDs is incomparably lower than the installation of traditional lighting.

Solar LEDs also allow a certain level of independence in that the proximity of the utility grid need not be an important consideration when choosing the site of construction. It’s in these situations that the superiority of solar lighting really hits home.

Having grid-tied traditional outdoor lighting puts a considerable burden on the monthly cost of maintenance. Parking lot, walking area and signage lights and many more have to be on all night every night. All those thousands of dollars spent every year on electricity bills could be allocated elsewhere for purposes that improve the building infrastructure and aesthetics, for example.

Switching to solar outdoor lighting is so much more painless. The upfront costs are a sane investment if you compare how much money utility electricity sucks from the building management budget. Also, the installation of solar lighting takes unbelievably little time and doesn’t disrupt the landscape nor the daily activities for weeks on end.

The state and local laws have introduced a number of policies that support building owners in installing solar upgrades. There are various financing options that makes this transition much smoother than one might think.

Let’s not forget that solar outdoor lighting is more reliable and immune to brownouts and blackouts. This is particularly important in cases of extreme weather that is quite common in California. Modern batteries can store a remarkable amount of energy for days. Increased reliability makes for a better safety.

Finally, upgrading parts of property to clean energy significantly increases the value of the property. Not only can it be sold or rented for a higher amount, it’s also deemed more desirable. Every effort to reduce the carbon footprint is appreciated nowadays and especially in California, which is at the forefront of eco-friendly policies. Showing ecological awareness in the way of having solar parking lot lighting, for example, can make your property stand out in the market.

Outdoor solar lighting brings many advantages to building owners. When you run the numbers and analyze how much money is drained by utility electricity every month and then take into account various financial support options, the result weighs heavily in favor of solar lights for outdoor spaces. The environmental benefits which are not to be ignored and the fact that financing support may soon not be as advantageous as it is now, installing solar outdoor LEDs now seems an opportunity that shouldn’t be passed on.